Hire Your Dance Studio Space for Extra Income

Would you like to generate another solid income stream?

Hire out spare time in your dance studio space?

Hello my name is Jennifer Dalton and I have been running dance studios for the past 25 years. As with all dance studio owners we need space to conduct our lessons. We spend time, money and effort setting up our studio space so it portrays our business in the best light possible. We also set up our spaces to they are functional and suit the needs of our business.

As a result of all of this effort we have a great studio space to use for our classes, meetings and other events as our business dictates. But as we all know, we are not at our studios 24 hours a day seven days a week (although sometimes it feels like it)

Our timetable usually has extensive gaps in time in which the studio is empty. After setting up a lovely studio several years ago and seeing the costs associated with running this space it got me thinking how I could use all that spare time in my studio space to generate some funds to  help me manage the space as cost effectively as I could.

I started to consider the idea of hiring out some of the spare time in my timetable. To start with it was a fairly nerve racking experience, considering letting another person into ‘my space’ I conducted a significant amount of research and due diligence prior to embarking on such a project.

Now years down the track I can confidently say it is one of the most successful things I have done in all my studio experience. The studio spaces I hire out not only supplement my studio income but actually completely pay the mortgage on the premises leaving my dance studio hiring a beautiful space effectively for free. Imagine if the costs of your studio lease or mortgage were ZERO. Not only ZERO what if your lease was even making you money before you even stepped foot into the building.

As a result of this highly successful stream to my business I have put together an easy to understand and functional step by step process to follow so you too can make money from your studio space. I have researched and experienced the pros and cons of this process and believe me when I say the pros far outweigh any cons in this process. Get ready to start making some extra income to supplement your business or your life.

I look forward to sharing with you How to Hire Your Dance Studio Space for income…..

Hire Your Dance Studio Space
Studio Hire Training Pack
Hire Your Dance Studio Space

What what is included in the Studio Hire Training Program?

Our TRAINING MANUAL which explains the entire studio hiring process, considerations, suggestions and the ‘Why to do it’ and the ‘How to do it’ This manual covers the entire process of studio hire and varying methods to achieve hiring success.

The ‘STUDIO HIRE IMPLEMENTATION MASTER CHECKLIST’. This draws all the training from the manual together and gives you a step by step checklist to work through to get your space from empty to a thriving income generating machine.

The ‘WAYS TO MAKE YOUR SPACE MORE APPEALING CHECKLIST’. This checklist supplements the master checklist and is comprehensive list of different ideas and suggestions to improve your space and make it appeal to a broader range of hirers.

Access to a STUDIO HIRE WEBSITE TEMPLATE you are permitted to copy to market and showcase your space for hire


– Initial booking template

– Access Payment and Lock Up Instructions


– Information for casual hirers information sheet

– Hiring agreement document

– Licence Agreement (similar to a sub lease) – this template alone is worth $400

– Parking plan layout design

– Key allocation key schedule

– Payment stamp design template

– Advert template for use on web page / social media / directory listing


  • Research & Due Diligence
  • How to prepare your space
  • Researching similar options in your area,
  • Applications to manage hirers and payments,
  • Insurance considerations,
  • How to market your space and the various mediums to find and attract clients,
  • Pricing Structures and how to determine the value of your space,
  • Data management systems,
  • Sample cut and paste draft licence template (similar to a sub-lease) for you to use today!
Studio Hire Training Pack