Jen Dalton Dance Teacher Mentor Australia

‘I’d love to work with you’

About Jen Dalton & Dance Teacher Central

Jen Dalton’s life philosophy is centred around empowering & educating dance teachers to be the best and most effective leaders that they can be. As a result giving them the tools to make a positive impact in each and every life they come into contact with.

Having successfully run & owned multiple dance studios for over 25yrs with over 1000 students, managing teams of over 30 teachers & staff members at one time. Jen knows the importance of strategy, planning & continual learning. After so many years teaching dance and operating studios, Jen can show you how to streamline your dance studio operations or become the teacher that studio owners want to hire.

A well as teaching and running the dance studios, Jen studied as a Police Officer for 13yrs working in the Child Protection & Sex Crimes Squad. She studied Psychology (PSY111) & Communications (COM120) at CSU, Health & Fitness (SRF40206) and Dance Teaching & Management (CUA50311). It was only natural that the next step was to collate that information into dance industry language and make it easy, quick & available for dancers & teachers across the world.

It is Jen’s intention to create a world-wide community of like-minded dance teachers and educators who together will support, encourage & lead with the intention to give everything we have to our students. Be the dance teacher you would love to be taught by with Jen’s help and guidance.

Jens programs are designed in a way that are easy to understand and most importantly implement. Most dance teachers and dance studio owners undertake training in between running their classes each week. With this in mind the Dance Teacher and Studio owner training programs allow you to work at your own pace and pause for moments, implement some of the magic and get back to class.


To align the dance industry so that we may educate & empower

the next generation of dance teachers through united leadership & training’