dance teaching qualification

‘If you are looking for direction, help or a comprehensive guide for training all types of Teachers…. Look no further! This program is amazing and something I use with my Teachers to assist with trainings at meetings, online and in our Facebook group as conversation points. I have only just touched the surface of what this program has to offer! I plan to take it even further next year. Jen Dalton is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to training a dedicated, inspired & talented team of Teachers. Her amazing training program with her personal touch & advice makes this program better than anything I have been able to find. With the right Teachers, your business can run smoothly, effectively and thrive! Dance Teacher Central provides all the tools necessary to find the perfect person as well as educate & train them to the highest of standards.’

Thank you Dance Teacher Central!!

– Claire O’Shea – Principal ‘Dance Energy’

dance teaching qualification

“Hi Jen, I have always wanted to get my dance teaching qualification. I just wanted to say thank you for running the teachers training on Wednesday. I found it really insightful and found that I walked away with a positive outlook moving into the future. I really am so grateful to have been able to work with you in an environment where the objective is to nurture the children and show them how special they all are. I just wanted to take the opportunity now, as I felt a bit shy to do so during the training, to tell you that it is a privilege to work with someone who is so passionate and enthusiastic about what they do. I found the training so motivating and I am really looking forward to getting into the classroom. Thank you for taking the time to organise everything. It is always a pleasure attending your training.” 

– Tash S – Jazz, Tap, Acro, Contemporary, Hip Hop teacher, Studio Manager

dance teaching qualification

‘I started my consults with Jen in about September 2013. To be honest I wasn’t completely sure that I should be spending my limited money on this but I had heard of others having great results so I thought I would take a chance! From the first consult over the phone I knew I had done the right thing

Jen has completely changed the way I view my business. I now look at things from a much more structural and ‘business like’ aspect (in a good way!) I used to spend most of my time with the creative and teaching side of things but this wasn’t helping my studio grow at the rate I wanted! I thought that by focusing on making money I would be betraying the artistic side of owning a studio and felt guilty about trying to ‘get more money’ from students and parents.

I do not feel that way at all anymore as Jen has shown me just how to balance both the money/business side yet keep my integrity and creative juices flowing!

I feel that I am running a different business now as things are falling into place and working so well! We have grown in numbers this year using tips and plans from Jen. To be honest I haven’t even put half of the things in place that I was supposed to (although Im slowly working through the list!) and already I see amazing results. Apart from having more students, my kids are now doing more classes, increasing my income a lot!

I honestly have enjoyed running the studio since completing the course (something I was starting not to enjoy  as much as I used to) I feel in control and can see opportunities everywhere to not only increase my income but also just grow and nurture my students even more

I don’t feel as overwhelmed by the business side of my business and I’m really looking forward to completing all my tasks given to me by Jen as I am already reaping the benefits of the few I have put in place.

I would highly highly recommend doing these consults with Jen and I’m really looking forward to starting the next course with her once I have this one all sorted’

– Stephanie A – Director Ignite Dance Co.

“My biggest concern before doing this training was knowing how to handle & understand a student’s ability and how they learn. I have very little practical teaching experience, so felt I had a lot to learn.

My concerns were covered over the six weeks and I feel I have a better understanding on how to teach on the students level and how to be ‘one of them’. Teaching kids with disabilities would be challenging but with the information taught in Module 3, I feel a lot more equipped to handle this now.

I loved and enjoyed everything you sent to us. It was very friendly and open. I really loved your LIVE videos and the workbooks. I’ve never had training like this before and I felt it was really beneficial for me and especially new teachers and teachers who have been teaching for a few  years. It is very refreshing.”

– Jodie N – Dance Teacher – New South Wales

dance teaching qualification at dance teacher central

“Thankyou Jen for all of the training and modules. I really appreciate the opportunity that I was given to learn & gain more knowledge of dance teaching. Each module was well written & easy to understand. How to prepare for a class was a great read. I have been doing research into obtaining a dance teaching qualification and this is my first step in my education journey to be an employable dance teacher. Finding work can be hard so I know what I have learned here will help me find ‘those’ jobs in the future. Having the flexibility to be involved with training in my own time was an added benefit I now really appreciate, given how busy we all are. ”

– Emma M – Acro Instructor – Sydney

“Thankyou Jen for all of the training and modules. I really appreciate the opportunity that I was given to learn & gain more knowledge of dance teaching.  Each module was well written & easy to understand. How to prepare for a class was a great read. Each Sunday was like Christmas  awaiting to read and learn the next module. I live in Victoria & there is not enough opportunities for dance on the job training or traineeships for teaching.  This is something I personally would love to do & hoping this changes in the future.”

– Rachael – Dance Teacher – Victoria