DANCE TEACHER ACADEMY….what actually is it???


dance teacher academy

Dance Teacher Academy – Core Foundations

Is a fast-tracked 6-week online training course for dancers and young teachers covering the essential topics for accelerating your career, landing the job of your dreams as well as giving you the tools to stand in the classroom with confidence and knowledge to be the best teacher you can.


  • Become job ready and start teaching with confidence and knowledge
  • Become aware of the importance of holistic approach to teaching
  • Learn to identify, manage and support every student in your class
  • Understand the importance and legislation regarding child safety & protection and what procedures should be in place
  • Learn the benefits of effective communication
  • Discover the art of programming and class structure
dance teacher academy



Dance Teacher Mastery - Module 1

Week 1 – The Communicator

  • Delve deep into effective communicating with students, parents & peers – in business communication is the key, learn some strategies to improve your communication techniques across your business
  • Learn techniques, cues & language to assist with conflict resolution and management – these techniques are handy to quell problems before they start and can be passed on in your training of your staff across the whole business
  • Identify how powerful the words we use are & how they impact on our students, parents & peers – understand best practice communications methods to get the job done, whilst keeping your customers and staff happy

Week 2 – The Educator

  • Understand & support everyone in your classroom – learn the different personalities in the class and use methods that best support each one
  • You will be given strategies to assist those with learning challenges & disabilities – this assists you comfortably meeting the needs of a wider audience of customers and opens your mind to additional customer bases
  • Identify the 5 main personalities in the classroom and how to manage them – these skills help you manage volumes of people and is information that can be readily passed onto staff and teachers

Week 3 –The Technician

  • Become aware & learn how to implement safe dance practice – safe dance practice is essential in the safe and professional operations of any studio. Understand what it is and how to implement it
  • Understand the importance of effective time management, planning & structure – whether we admit it or not, everyone likes structure. These structures help us achieve tasks faster and get the job done allowing you more time to spend on things you ‘want’ to be doing
  • Design, create & implement great choreography that is perfect for your students – appeal to your students, appeal to your parents. They ARE your customer base. Learn ways to appeal to both these very different audiences

Week 4 – The Collaborator

  • Identify the benefits & importance of working together as a team – a team approach to any task or operation is essential for streamlined and efficient management. Learn the benefits and methods to implement this now in your business
  • How to manage tricky personalities within your team – everyone is different. We all have our strengths and weaknesses in varying areas. Understand these differences and manage them better to create a great environment in which to teach, learn and grow
  • The importance of team training & moral as well as networking & support – ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’. Understand the need for training in your business. No matter how large of small your team is, understand the need for effective training to ensure ‘YOUR’ message is out there for your staff and customers to see

Week 5 – The Leader & Mentor

  • Set high and positive standards & expectations as a role model – included to yourself, peers & students – You are the face of your business. And as you grow staff within your business start to take on some of that role also. Help understand and implement a positive standard and role modelling in your studio
  • Develop a leadership/mentoring system for growth – to grow your studio you need to scale and hire staff. But staff that send your message loud and clear to your audience. Learn the skills to develop this in your business
  • Learn how to keep kids safe & your responsibility surrounding that – child safety is everyone’s responsibility and a goal of all aspiring studio owners. Learn the essential elements of a child safe studio

Week 6 – The Student

  • Identify the importance of self-awareness – know who you are, where you are, where you want to go and how to get there
  • To be the best dance teacher you can be, you must always be willing to learn – keep your mind open to training and learning. This path is a long one, ensure you have the right mind set to move forward in business and life
  • The importance of continued personal development- understanding and most importantly appreciating the journey and implementing sound systems of personal and business growth

Learn to be a better dance teacher aus

Dance Teacher Academy Program

As a DTC – Core Foundation member you will receive:

1. Access to the DTC – Core Foundations Online training portal

1. Step-by-step comprehensive video training

2. ‘DONE FOR YOU’ templates, resources and checklists

3. 6 Core Foundation Modules

2. Live Q&A Sessions

Once a week I will be live for you to ask questions, engage further into the weekly modules or discuss any challenges or concerns you may be currently experience.

For those who can’t be there, simple watch at a later time, leave any questions or comments and I will get back to you straight away.

3. Private Facebook Community
We offer a place where you can chat, ask questions and exchange ideas without any judgement. Maybe you aren’t sure how to handle a particular situation, you want tips to landing a job at your dream studio or need some advice, we can talk about different options and actions at any time through this Facebook group.
4. Certificate of Competency and Completion to add to your education portfolio

To add to your education portfolio and can be used as part of RPL (Recognised Prior Learning) submissions down the track as they continue their education.

5. Life Time Course Member
You are welcome to take this course as many times as you like. It will be regularly updated with new information, templates and resources and you only pay once.
6. Bonuses

(1) Pre-Course action pack.

(2) Done for you templates, programming & resources.

(3) Continued access for mentoring with me in our Face Book community.

(4) Receive ongoing regular up-to-date information, ideas and strategies.

(5) Go onto the DTC – Dance Teachers Database for future employment opportunities.



dance teacher academy
Dance Teacher Academy Program

Dance Teacher Mastery online course will be the solid grounding for the beginning of your teaching career. 

Register your interest in participating in this training by emailing [email protected] for updated details of course start dates in 2017.

You will develop the confidence, skills and ability to:

  • Give yourself the edge to become a highly sort after dance teacher.
  • Give yourself the education to be hired by your dream studio.
  • Help your students become the very best dancers they can be.
  • Share your passion & knowledge of dance.
  • Educate the younger generation not only in dance, but in safe dance practices, self-confidence & self-worth.
  • Offer a safe place where students can express and be themselves without fear of judgement or criticism.