This is the dance studio owner’s guide to leading & educating from the top of your kingdom all the way down!

The definition of MASTERY in the Collins dictionary is – ”the state of being master; power of command or control.”

Do you Want to know what’s included in The Dance Teacher Mastery Project?

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  • You will be sent the complete package including the Director Manual with clear script, direction and tasks for you to deliver professional, productive and consistent training.
  • A printable Teacher Handbook/Workbook which includes templates, programming, classroom ideas, group tasks, checklists, action lists & quizes which your teachers will work through each training session & can keep as a teaching and resource tool.
  • A flexible training template and guide to pace your training, so it can be delivered consistently through-out the year.
  • Access to our Facebook Page where you can ask questions, share ideas and collaborate with other teachers and directors.
  • Receive ongoing up-to-date information, ideas and strategies which can be used for future teacher and staff training.
  • This is the package for any studio owner that wants to improve their teacher’s quality, consistency and product. In turn this will lead to better class retention and recruitment.
  • YOU GET ALL THESE PACKAGES: Directors Manual, Teachers Manual/Workbook, Child Safe Studio Portfolio, How to Find, Hire & Train your Team and Assistant Teacher Training Program.



The Dance Teacher Mastery Project
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PART 1: Finding, Interviewing, Hiring and Training the Right Teachers for your Studio

  • The first part of the project is the process of Finding, Interviewing, Hiring and Training the Right Teachers for your Studio.
  • I show you how to get them wanting to work for you (and not you desperately hiring anyone because you have no choices)?
  • I also show you ways to develop a database of teachers (who are perfect for your studio) AND have them on standby as a cover in case one of your teachers call in sick or can’t make it?
  • Also, included are the interview questions I use…and…the steps you need to take through-out the whole process are GIVEN to you…
  • If you get this part right and you are well on your way!
how to get dance studio owner training

Part 2: Senior Teacher Training Program

  • This includes 12 months’ worth of comprehensive teacher training compiled into printable files including…your Directors Manual (so you can facilitate the training)… and… the Teachers Handbooks and Workbooks (which includes reference information, group & individual tasks, discussion points, role play scenarios and quizzes… as well as templates for planning).
  • This is EVERYTHING you need your teachers to know …so that you can set YOUR expectations and know they will deliver exactly WHAT & HOW you want them too.
  • The way this training is set out… is, you have the flexibility to customise, alter and divide the modules up to compliment your training content & calendar… or, you can deliver it as we recommend.
  • the topics include:

1. Self-Awareness

2. The Six Essentials for Teaching & Retention

3. Teacher Etiquette

4. Communication

5. Classroom Management

6. Behaviour Management

7. Class Planning

8. Basic Structure of a Class

9. Choreography Tips & Tricks

10.Keeping our Children Safe

11. How to Ensure you run a Child Safe Organisation

12. Child Safety Quiz

dance studio owner training

PART 3: Assistant Teacher Training & Leadership Program

  • You can run this program with your students who demonstrate great potential and leadership skills…as well as want to share their passion of dance with others…
  • This can either be a 12 month or 2 year training program – depending how you choose to structure it – preparing and making your Assistant Teachers accountable to develop into great teachers (or great cover teachers if needed).
  • The Student Teacher Training is delivered to you as printable worksheets for you compile into a training manual for your student teachers.
  • This training includes senior teacher assessment forms, student progress journals, reference information, group & individual tasks, discussion points and role play scenarios.
  • Topics include:
  1. What Is Expected
  2. Studio Core Values
  3. Classroom conduct 1,2,3
  4. Classroom Etiquette 1,2,3
  5. Setting the right example
  6. Basic Structure of a Dance Class
  7. Indentifying Different Personalities in the Class Room
  8. Effective Communication
  9. Choreography & Class Ideas
  10. Rehearsal Prep & Direction
  11. Concert Prep & Direction
  12. Practical Componant & Assessment
dance studio owner training

PART 4: Child Safe Studio Portfolio

Such a HOT topic in our industry at the moment…ensuring we keep our kids safe & protected. It is a bit confusing trying to decipher through the legislation & requirements, so to help you out I have created

  • templates
  • examples
  • ideas to include in you Child Safe Portfolio
  • It is really important that you check and align this training with your state, territory or country’s requirements because they do slightly vary from state to state
  • All part of the dance studio owner training package
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‘Dance Studio Owner Training’

dance studio owner training

DTC Best Value:

The Dance Teacher Mastery Project

Ultimately ‘The Dance Teacher Mastery Project’ will give you the most precious resources money can’t buy ….and that’s time, it’s your legacy and the ability for you to do what you REALLY WANT to do within your business and life.

  • Learn how to find the PERFECT teachers and keep them.
  • Give your teachers the edge to become highly competent & respected dance teachers.
  • Have the confidence to know your teachers are thoroughly educated and delivering high level classes every time.
  • Allow them to help your students become the very best dancers they can be.
  • Share your passion & knowledge of dance and gain authority as a world class leader.
  • Educate the younger generation not only in dance, but in safe dance practices, self-confidence & self-worth.
  • Offer a safe place where teacher & students can express and be themselves without fear of judgement or criticism.
  • Learn how to achieve this with our dance studio owner training