‘I believe the only way for you to gain absolute control…be the master of your studio… get the right teachers working for you – is to have a strategic and well thought out plan from the very beginning….not just hoping and praying it all works out!!.

The one thing I used to wish I could have done when I was starting to expand my studio & wanting to reduce my teaching hours was to basically clone myself…. because I knew what I was doing…. I knew what worked and I knew the standard and level of teaching expected for my students…..

I knew how to communicate…manage every single student in the classroom and get the absolute best out of ALL my dancers while of course…staying in alignment with our studio values…

And, it may sound conceited, but how could I possibly find or trust anyone else to deliver this extremely high standard as well as I did? How could anyone even come close to being as good as me?

Well…surprise, surprise it is actually possible – in fact, some of them bring their own experiences and ideas which work  even better….so I hear you ask…how is it possible?…how can I do it too? Start with Dance Studio Free Resources listed above.

The secret is to find the right teachers from the start, grow them yourself and educate them thoroughly…It’s the age old question…What came first…the chicken or the egg?.

This is a bit like running your studio, what comes first…the student in your classes so you can afford the best teachers or the best teachers in your studio to attract and retain you students?.

I can tell you from my experience and years of making LOTS of mistakes …if you get the right teachers in, train them properly then the sky is the limit – you will then be able to spend time doing what you want – whether that is reducing your teaching hours to spend more time with your family or friends …or maybe you want to focus your time and energy working on your business so you can take it to the next level… or maybe you simply just want peace of mind, reduce your stress levels and overwhelm?’