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Don’t know where to start? Having trouble getting momentum? Dance Studio Consultant – GET STARTED 30 min consult with Jen will help you get going today…

Do you have a small studio which has heaps of potential and want to know how to take it to a thriving hub that makes you the income you work so hard for. Sometime just a small change of mindset is the kick start you need to get the ball rolling. Having run studios for the past 25 years Jen understands all the ups and downs of a studio owner and business owner. Even after all these years Jen takes time out to reset, set goals and move forward in her business and personal life.

Accessing Jens tools of the trade may be what you need to change your studio from its current state into a smooth flowing, profitable operation that fulfills both your creative and financial needs.

Register below for your 30 minute consult with Jen that will help you:

  • Decide on what are your goals for your business
  • Sort through some of the issues that keep you awake at night
  • Develop a list of to do strategies to move your studio forward
  • Provide information on the Dance Teacher Central training that may help you move to the next level.


dance studio consultant
'Get Started' Consult with Jen

Having been a dance studio consultant for many years now Jen is used to working with studio owners to achieve their personal and financial goals through improvement of their dance studio operations. This 30 minute consultation with a dance studio consultant may be that thing you have needed to kick things into gear and grow your business beyond anything you ever thought possible.