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Jen Dalton’s life philosophy is centred on empowering & educating dance teachers to be the best and most effective leaders that they can be. Giving them the tools to make a positive impact in each and every life they come into contact with. She has utilised this philosophy when building detailed dance teacher training courses.

Having successfully run & owned multiple dance studios for over 25yrs with over 1000 students, managing teams of over 30 teachers & staff members at one time, she knows the importance of strategy, planning & continual learning…

A well as teaching and running the studios, Jen studied as a Police Officer for 13yrs working in the Child Protection & Sex Crimes Squad, studied Psychology (PSY111) & Communications (COM120) at CSU, Health & Fitness (SRF40206) and Dance Teaching & Management (CUA50311) it was only natural that the next step was to collate that information into dance industry language and make it easy, quick & available for dancers & teachers across the world.

It is Jen’s intention to create a world-wide community of like-minded dance educators who together will support, encourage & lead with intention to give everything we have to our students.

Dance Teacher Training with Jen


Dance Teacher Mastery Program


The Dance Teacher Mastery Project is Jen’s leading project for Dance Studio Studio Owners.

Ultimately this is the Dance Studio Owners Guide to LEADING & EDUCATING from the top down. If you are serious about your dance teacher training, this is the guide for you.

Inside The Dance Teacher Mastery Project you will discover how to gain absolute control, be the master of your studio, get the right teachers working for you, developing your child safe studio portfolio as well as how to set-up a formalised senior and student teacher training program in your studio. It includes the content you need to run and facilitate your teacher’s training, templates, group & individual task, quizzes and reference material.

Whether you want to expand your studio, reduce you teaching hours, make more money in your business or just basically clone yourself so the whole thing runs ‘perfectly’ The Dance Teacher Mastery Project is for you.

Most importantly, you’ll be sharing the journey with other dance studio owners in our exclusive Dance Teacher Mastery members-only Facebook Group & accountability catch-ups to ensure your dance teacher training is on track and you are moving towards your goal.


Dance Teacher Academy is a fast-tracked, 6-week online training course for dancers & teachers covering the essential topics for accelerating your career, landing the job of your dreams as well as giving you the tools to stand in the classroom with confidence and knowledge to be the best teacher you can.

Become job ready and start teaching with confidence and knowledge, learn of the importance of holistic approach to teaching, learn how to identify, manage and support every student in your class, understand the importance and legislation regarding child safety & protection and what procedures should be in place, discover the art of programming and class structure

Most importantly, you’ll be sharing the journey with other dancer & teachers in our exclusive Dance Teacher Mastery members-only Facebook Group & accountability catch-ups to ensure you are on track and moving towards your goal. The Dance Teacher Academy program captures all of the essential elements to make a well rounded dance teacher in on easy to understand and ‘implement’ training course.

Dance Teacher Academy Program
Child Safe Studio Portfolio


It is now essential for all studio owners to offer a child-safe dance studio by putting in place formalised policies, procedures & practices that keep our kids safe.

Requirements vary slightly from state-to-state, however similar strategies, policies & practices across the nation is a united way to ensure you studio is a child safe organisation. We all strive to keep our studio environment child safe and family friendly. This training packages helps you to learn what essential elements make up a child safe studio as well as implement now correct procedural and administrative practices to protect your studio and business.

In the Child Safe Studio Portfolio, there are 7 child safe policies & practices studio owners require to be deemed a child safe organisation.

Included are templates, examples & ideas for you to use.  Simply print and complete the templates and create your child safe portfolio.


As with all dance studio owners We spend time, money and effort setting up our studio space so it portrays our business in the best light possible. We also set up our spaces to they are functional and suit the needs of our business. As a result of all of this effort we have a great studio space to use for our classes, meetings and other events as our business dictates. But as we all know, we are not at our studios 24 hours a day seven days a week (although sometimes it feels like it)

Our timetable usually has extensive gaps in time in which the studio is empty. What if you could use all that spare time in your studio space to generate income to supplement your business, life or new ventures.

The Studio Hire Training pack provides a step by step process of how to prepare your studio for hiring and the forms, administrative consideration, marketing ideas and method to hire out your space.This package is over 70 pages in length and provides detailed instruction of how to start earning income from your empty space. We successfully hire out our studio in our vacant hours which completely covers the entire mortgage on the premises, effectively leaving our studio cost free for our main studio to operate from.

I look forward to sharing with you How to Hire Your Dance Studio Space for income…

Studio Hire Training Pack
“Hi Jen, I just wanted to say thank you for running the teachers training on Wednesday. I found it really insightful and found that I walked away with a positive outlook moving into the future. I really am so grateful to have been able to work with you in an environment where the objective is to nurture the children and show them how special they all are. I just wanted to take the opportunity now, as I felt a bit shy to do so during the training, to tell you that it is a privilege to work with someone who is so passionate and enthusiastic about what they do. I found the training so motivating and I am really looking forward to getting into the classroom. Thank you for taking the time to organise everything. It is always a pleasure attending your training.” 
– Tash S – Jazz, Tap, Acro, Contemporary, Hip Hop teacher, Studio Manager


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Dance Teacher Training
Dance Teacher Training
Dance Teacher Training
Dance Teacher Training